Alex Camilleri

I am an experienced game creator in love with any form of play. I enjoy creating unique and captivating experiences through the magical mix of game mechanics and storytelling.



Leadership, Game Design

A social, playful and dynamic creative platform where players can experiment and build worlds together.


Company: Embark Studios Genre: Creative Platform Players: 10+

  • Lead a group of cross-disciplinary team members, planning, establishing priorities, aligning to project vision.
  • Designed and prototyped in-game tools to facilitate player's creativity through gameplay.
  • Coordinated the collaboration with co-dev teams in US and Canada.
Amnesia: Rebirth

Level Design, System Design, Gameplay Programming

A first-person horror adventure game, sequel to the acclaimed 2010 classic The Dark Descent.


Company: Frictional Games Genre: First Person Horror-Adventure Players: 1

  • Designed and developed entire sections of the game, starting from short high-level design briefs.
  • Pushed levels from early drafts/prototypes to release-quality player experiences This includes – but is not limited to – full level layout development, puzzle design, as well as AI encounters.
  • Designed and developed gameplay systems as well as reworked and implemented menu and UI flow.
  • Designed and implemented Adventure Mode, with the intent to make the game more accessible to folks who can't really stomach survival horror.
  • Worked in close collaboration with artists, sound designers and animators to create coherent experiences and meet the production schedules.

Programming (UI, Bug fixing)

SOMA is a sci-fi horror game. It is an unsettling story about identity, consciousness, and what it means to be human.


Company: Frictional Games Genre: First Person Adventure Players: 1

  • Fixed some game-breaking bugs (post-release) when I first joined Frictional.
  • Reworked main menu UI to support unconventional aspect ratios.
Memoir En Code: Reissue

Game Design, Writing, Programming, 2D Art, Music

[Solo project] What started as my thesis project on autobiographical game design exploration through rapid prototyping, ended up becoming a full commercial release on all major PC storefronts. Poured my heart and soul into this experimental game, easily the most personal project I have ever worked on.


Genre: Autobiographical Game Players: 1
Awards: IGF 2016 Nuovo Award (Honorable Mention), Drago d'Oro 2017 Best Game Design (Finalist), PLAY 2017 Selection

  • Designed, programmed, wrote and made music and art for the game, all of which ended up containing autobiographical content in one way or another.
  • Push the game from concept to final release on multiple platforms.
  • Managed other aspects of game development such as PR, marketing and distribution.
RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

Level Design (Intern)

First person VR competitive multiplayer game set in a future where humans compete on robots.


Company: Sony Guerrilla Cambridge Genre: First Person Shooter-Sport Players: 1-6

  • Designed and white-boxed two test maps in order to test multiplayer game dynamics.
  • Experiment with game metrics and modes.
Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms

Level Design (Freelance)

Isometric skill-driven ARPG inspired by classics such as Baldur’s Gate


Company: Gamera Games Genre: Isometric Rogue-like Souls-like Players: 1-4
Awards: InfoGamer 2018 Best Game Overall (Winner), SGC 2018 Best Indie Game (Winner)

  • Designed and fully documented nine map layouts during pre-production.
  • Fully white-boxed the nine maps as part of the delivery, using BuilderPro.
  • Made in Unity

Game Design, Visual Scripting, Game Production, Writing

A (sadly) canceled hand-painted point and click adventure that I've worked on with some friends. Unfortunately we struggled finding funding, the project ended up on hold and was never worked on again.


Company: Kalopsia Games + Renopy Genre: Point & Click Adventure Players: 1
Awards: Indigo 2014 Showcase

  • Built a full vertical slice that gained a lot of traction online.
  • Designed the core mechanics and gameplay progression.
  • Wrote all dialogs for the vertical slice.
  • Pitched the game to several publishers, but failed to find a satisfying deal.


1977: Radio Aut

Game Design, Writing, Programming, 2D Art

[Solo project] A short narrative game about anti-mafia history in Sicily. I tell the story of local hero Peppino Impastato, making use of a dialog system to support branching dialogs and subvert player's expectations during some key scenes. After leaving Palermo, my hometown, I soon realized how little is known about anti-Mafia outside of Italy. Mafia often becomes an offensive stereotype that does a disservice to all the man and women who lost their lives fighting in the name of justice, hoping to live in Sicily, free from mafia oppression.


Genre: Narrative game Players: 1
Awards: A.MAZE 2018 Selection

Anthropocene: the 6th Wave

Game Design, Writing, Programming, 2D Art

[Solo project] A short news game about climate change. Through simple interactions, the player gets to learn about the history of extintion waves and the human's role in the current one.


Genre: News game Players: 1
Awards: Digital Chock Tokyo 2018

The Walk

Game Design

Designed this experimental multiplayer game during the Global Game Jam. Two red pandas walk on a lonely landscape. Two players are asked to stand one next to the other in front of the screen. In order for the game to start, the players need to understand that they need to hold hands in the physical space. The game transforms in a free-form infinite-runner type game, with the goal to just create a beautiful bonding moment between the players.


Genre: Experimental Players: 2
Awards: NHTV GameLab Best Game Design (Honorable Mention)

There Will Be Mountains

Game Design, UI Programming

Arcade game in which the player terraforms a planet and, at the same time, needs to avoid the mountains that they have created in the process. Was responsible for overall design, gameplay progression, as well as UI programming.


Genre: Arcade Players: 1
Awards: Best Game Award (Winner) @ Brains Eden 2014, Best Mobile Award (Winner) @ Brains Eden 2014

Super Lumiko

Game Design, Level Design, Art

Jammed a multiplayer platformer where each player cannot jump but can alter their local gravity instead. The screen scrolls vertically and the players need to survive as long as possible, reaching the top of the tower. Was really fun to make as it required to rely on modular level design for the tower pieces.


Genre: Arcade Players: 2-4


Game Design (Lead)

[Student project] A first person game in which time doesn't flow. By making use of raytracing technology, the player is indefinitely able to zoom in one single image frame, and obtain clues necessary to solve a mystery.


Genre: Transmedia Investigation Game Players: 1
Awards: NHTV GameLab Best Game Design (Winner)

  • Lead a group of 14 students in the development of a working demo.
  • Held the design vision for the project.
  • Wrote gameplay scenario and story background.

Game Design (Contributing)

[Student project] A first person game in which you help a character in a videogame. Very meta, I know.


Company: Team Cupcake Genre: First Person + 2D Platform Players: 1
Awards: IGF Student Showcase (Finalist)

  • Contributed to the game and level design.
  • Provided reference footage for the 2d character movement.

Game Design, Programming, 3D Art

[Solo project] Designed a small horror game focused on agoraphobia (intended as the fear of empty spaces). Was really fun to make, as it also pushed me to focus on presentation and composition. Whenever the player steps outside, an alien moon expands more and more, eventually swallowing the world and revealing monsters in the environment. Very small in scope, but it allowed me to focus on mood and game design.


Genre: First Person Horror Players: 1
Awards: NHTV GameLab Best Game Design (Honorable Mention)

Car Safari Madness 3D

Game Design, Programming

[Solo project] Quickly jammed a turn based racing game thinking it could be an interesting thing to try out. It turned out quite ok, but less fun than expected. That's the point of jamming game ideas after all.


Genre: Arcade Players: 2

Moon Base

Level Design

Designed and whiteboxed an Unreal map based on Duncan Jones' movie 'Moon'. A team of artists ultimately pushed the visuals to final production quality.


Genre: First Person Shooter Players: 2-6


Game Design, Programming

[Solo project] Designed and programmed a multiplayer skill-based arcade tennis game. This was mostly an attempt to explore how to create engaging and skillful gameplay while keeping accessibility on the radar.


Genre: Arcade Players: 2

public speaking

Game Design and Autobiography

Location: Folkhogeskola i Malmö - Malmö, Sweden (2019)
Type: Lecture

Idiosyncratic Games

Location: IULM University - Milan, Italy (2018)
Type: Lecture & Workshop

Tabula Rasa: Videogames Don't Exist

Location: ScreenShake 2017 - Antwerp, Belgium (2017)
Type: Talk

The Author’s Identity in the Game Medium

Location: Northern Game Summit - Kajaani, Finland (2016)
Type: Talk

Autobiographical Exploration

Location: IndieCade Europe - Paris, France (2016)
Type: Talk & Workshop (ft. We Are Muesli)

From Life to Games

Location: SpilBar #31 - Copenhagen, Denmark (2016)
Type: Talk

Game Design as a Self-Reflexive Practice

Location: Creative Coast Festival - Karlshamn, Sweden (2016)
Type: Talk

Games and Autobiography

Location: Codemotion - Rome, Italy (2016)
Type: Talk



Built a game community from the ground up, coordinating a team of editors and collaborators to cover news, reviews, previews and events related to PlayStation. Editor-in-Chief up until 2013. Also taking care of all technical aspects related to the portal.

Metal Gear Timeline

As a big fan of the Metal Gear saga, I have developed a website reporting all the events from the very first to the latest Metal Gear game.

Game Loading: Rise of the Indies

Took care of the Italian translation of this documentary about the indie dev scene.

Indie Game: the Movie

Took care of the Italian translation of this documentary about the indie dev scene.